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“When I was a child, my whole family got annoyed by me running around the house with my little recorder and microphone singing along with my favorite kid songs”  - Isabelle Wolff


Isabelle discovered her love of singing early on in children's choirs and then in various student bands. Later, experiences were she added in a wide variety of lineups-from acoustic duo to cover rock band.

Her musical commitment was always accompanied by writing on her own songs.


Even during her training as an occupational therapist, the desire to study singing and work as a professional musician remained always present.


In addition to singing lessons, she began to learn to play guitar self-taught at the age of 22.


On the Way of St. James 2015 spiritual hiking trail in the north of Spain, the decision finally came to start studying singing in Enschede (NL) at the Popacademy Artez.


At a seminar of the jazz vocalist J.D. Walters in Greece in 2016, she discovered her love of jazz, which since then has been part of her expressive singing, performed with an open and touching voice.

At the same time, a first collaboration with Lulo Reinhardt was created.

Lulo Reinhardt is a German well known descendant of the Gypsy Jazz inventor Django Reinhardt.

Several concerts with Lulo Reinhardt followed and a collaboration to produce her first CD is in the process.


Now she has started up to build her own band called wolfsteps which include  Christian Maliy on the bass and Vasilios Sliaras on the drums.

wolfsteps plays a cross over between Jazz and Pop music.

Isabelle created that band one year ago and took the joy of playing music together in the center of their work.

She was tired of playing all by herself and wanted to create a platform where she and her band members could explore and develop their musical skills.

Her dream is to create something that is bigger than just herself and to connect people with their emotions.

She believes in the healing power of music and wants to make the world a better place with playing and singing her music.